The Role of Social Media on Teens

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Priscilla Sanchez ENC 1102 Prof. Kelly Kennedy Summer 2013 The Role of Social Media on Teens Nowadays social media has influenced teenagers in a tremendous way. Teenagers have become addicted to social media interactive sites such as Twitter, Facebook and Youtube. This trend has grown immensely because these sites are primarily used for communication or entertainment. The purpose of these social networks is to increase the communication between family and friends. According to a recent poll, at least 22% of teenagers log on to their main social media page more than 10 times a day and more than half of teens log on to a social media site more than one a day. Moreover, 25% percent use their cellphones for social media, 54% use their cellphones for texting and 24% use then for instant messaging. Do you think this is a good statistic? What can happen if this number continues to increase? This can cause cyber bullying, social media depression, sexting as well as being exposed to inappropriate content. Engaging in social media has become a routine of everyday for young individuals. A large of today’s generation’s emotional and social development is happening while on the Internet and on their cellphones because social media has its benefits for young teens. They may stay in touch with their relatives and friends, as well as exchange photos and ideas while being offline. Moreover, they can extend into their view of self or any other concept they would like to share with the world. Ultimately, they can create videos, blogs, journals and gaming sites. This is vital because it extends an opportunity for tolerance, respect and an increased discourse about personal and global issues. Furthermore, young students use social media for school in various forms, they use it either for group projects or homework. For instance, students use Facebook and other social media
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