Why the Internet Is Good for the Music Industry

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The internet is bad for the music industry. Do you agree? I completely disagree with this statement for several reasons. Firstly, the internet is a great source for discovering new talents such as Charlie McDonnell and Alex Day, both youtube musicians and vloggers. Both of these musicians joined youtube when they were studying for GCSEs and were almost instantly a hit amongst young people. Charlie McDonnell is an English Video-Blogger and Musician from Bath, who currently resides in London. Known on YouTube as charlieissocoollike, he is currently the most subscribed YouTuber in the United Kingdom. After setting up a YouTube channel in April 2007, Charlie started posting Video-Blogs to a small audience, but found YouTube success after a month when one of his videos featured on the front of the UK YouTube homepage. His audience jumped from just under 150 subscribers to over 4,400 in just two days. Since then, after over three years years, his audience is still increasing by the thousands each day and he currently has 1,395,114 subscribers. Charlie has taken part in various musical projects such as 'Chartjackers' which was a project he took part in with several other musicians, where they tried to prevent mainstream music from dominating the charts entirely and attempted to hijack the charts with a song that their YouTube audiences had composed. Through this project, they raised £10,000 for the charity, Children In Need. This is an amazing example that through the internet community, they could start to achieve recognition for musicians who aren't mainstream but are just as good as the famous musicians. Charlie is also a solo musician and has released an album called 'This is Me'. Because of his start on YouTube, Charlie has been able to become a well known name in the not-so-mainstream music industry and has become a very popular and well-respected

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