The Rocking Horse Winner

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The Rocking-Horse Winner To begin with, “The Rocking-Horse Winner” is a short story written by D.H. Lawrence. This short story is about a young boy named Paul who feels the need to have luck, due to his mother always saying that his father has no luck and is always in the need for having more and more money. “According to the mother, if you have luck you have money that is why it’s better to be born lucky than rich” (P, 268 Para 5). Due to this constant saying, Paul and the rest of the family hear voices in the house saying “There must be more money” (p. 267, Para, 5). Paul is so sick of these voices that he wants to prove his mother wrong. Paul says to his mother that he has luck and the mother then just begins to laugh at him. Paul now set out to prove his mother wrong by showing that he does have luck and he hopes that the voices in the house would stop talking and saying “There must be more money”(p267, Para, 5). Paul then demands that his rocking horse that he had received at Christmas brings him luck. Paul begins to ride the rocking horse fiercely hoping that if he rides long and hard enough he can make the rocking horse take him to his destination of luck and fortune. As he rides the horse he sees the horse winners in a real horse race. So he shares this information with his Gardner, Basset, and his uncle, Oscar, because the boy thinks that they are also lucky. So as the boy begins to predict more races and wins a lot of money, Paul finally decides to give his mother one thousand pounds a year for her birthday for the next five years hoping that the voices in the house will disappear. After Paul gives his mother The money, the house noises begins to grow louder and louder. In desperation for the winning horse’s name, Paul is getting worried because he is not getting any answers from his rocking horse. As the Derby was right around the corner, that night
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