The Rocking Horse Winner Compare And Contrast Essay

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In today’s society children are plagued by several social conditions. Gangs, peer pressure, financial hardship, just to name a few. This is not new to society as the two short stories,” The Rocking Horse Winner” (1926) and “The Destructors” (1954) reveal through both similarities and differences. “The Rocking Horse Winner” and” The Destructors “show a similar theme of how children are impacted by their social status but differ in the way conflicts are resolved. There is an extended family described in the story of “The Rocking Horse Winner”, the family consisted of Hester, Paul’s mother, dad, Joan, unidentified sister and Oscar Creswel.There is also the gardener, Basset and the family nurse.”The Destructors” shared that similarity with a nuclear family, Mom, Dad and Trevor. In this story were the Wormsley Common Gang members,…show more content…
Paul’s family seem to be a middle class family who had an obsession for more money while Trevor’s family had to readjust to a life style that they are not accustomed . Paul and his family portrayed here as having a beautiful home with a garden and servants. Trevor home situation has not been revealed. I can only imagine if this I after the war the area had many destroy buildings, some without windows roofs or doors and unoccupied. The description of the writer identifying the post war era, “The bombs of the first blitz” (Green)). The presentation of Lawrence chimerical event in the “Rocking Horse Winner “proved that the story is a fairy tale. Green uses irony to capture his audience. Both stories are humanistic as they share the common theme of the effect of society. Paul wanted his mother love and he set to make her rich while Trevor became destruction to fit in with his peers.Inthe “Rocking Horse winner”, the anxiety of waiting to see what happen, sadly it comes to an end ,Hester’s desire was met, poor Paul died. The mood in both stories is somber. Look at what materialism can

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