Perfect Chemistry Summary

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Perfect Chemistry Perfect Chemistry is a book about a girl and a boy named Brittany Ellis and Alex Fuentes. Brittany is a north-sider and head cheerleader at Fairfield High School and Alex is a south sider and a member of the gang called Latino Bloods. In the beginning of the book, Alex and Brittany dislike each other and when the find out they are in the same chemistry class it makes them very upset. Just when the two thought that things could not get any worse, their chemistry teacher made them partners. One day Alex and one of his friends made a bet that if Alex could not sleep with Brittany by Thanksgiving he would have to give his friend his motorcycle. At first, Alex was losing the bet because Brittany would not even look at him but as the book goes on Alex comes up with ways to make her fall in love with him and they start to work not only on Brittany, but himself too. Alex at first thought Brittany had this perfect life but he finds out that it is just an act she puts on at school. At home, Brittany has to deal with her crazy mom, who wants Brittany to be perfect, her dad, who is never really home, and her older sister, who is disabled and the only person who Brittany thinks understand her. Towards the end of the book, Brittany sees what it is like on the south side, where Alex lives, what he life is like, and why he is in a gang. At the end, Alex gets shot and lives but his best friend was not so lucky. The bet was won and was brought up years later after the star crossed lover’s
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