The Rise Of The Industrial Revolution: Captains Of Industry

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Before the Industrial Revolution goods were sacred, jobs were low, and there was not much produce, and while during the industrial revolution up until present day everything has changed. There is now a mass production of numerous produces and jobs had started to increase in all areas. The revolution was an era of change, independence on production, and the rise of many different industrial leaders, while some were considered robber barons and others were considered captains of industry. With robber barons those people are considered powerful business men who used criminal and unethical ways of becoming wealthy and or powerful. While with captains of industry they are considered businessmen who tried to help contribute to the community with jobs, the market, and productivity of certain buildings. With Andrew Carnegie,and John D. Rockefeller they were the industrial leaders during the revolutions and they can be considered both a robber barons and captains of industry.…show more content…
He was known to have power over everythings that was involved with steel such as, “raw materials, transportation, manufacturing and distribution.” (Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!) By the year of 1890 Andrew had control over the whole steel company and while he was rich and his company was worth millions of dollars he tried helping out society as much as he could. He tried helping society by building libraries throughout the nation. (Foner, Eric. Give Me Liberty!) He had built nearly 3 thousand libraries, and schools such as Carnegie Mellon University. (The New Tycoons, Andrew Carnegie) In ones opinion Andrew Carnegie was a captain of industry because he had control over the whole steel company but towards the end of his life he gave all his life savings to libraries, schools and

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