Dick Spencer Case Study

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Case Study One Dick Spencer Introduction: In this case study, Dick Spencer, Vice President of a large manufacturing organization, Tri-American Corporation, displays many concerning managerial issues that would strongly affect the internal operations within the Tri-American Corporation. Dick’s Overview and Factors to the Rise of Management Dick’s previous employment was as a Plant manager in Modrow, a Canadian extension or branch from the Tri-American Corporation. Tri-American is fixated on the production of aluminum and other related productions. The company has wholly-owned divisions in five U.S locations as well as overseas affiliate in 15 other countries. Tri-American was governed by a board of directors who determine policies, which is then applied by the various plant managers, including Dick Spencer at the Canadian branch of Tri-American, Modrow. The company performs under a decentralized structure where each plant manager has significant autonomy. This structure encourages competition among the different plants within the company; nonetheless, it also has added pressure to perform and increase profitability. Dick has served the company for 14 years and worked his way to the top firstly as a very successful salesman. In Dick’s first year as a salesman, he secured a very large contract for Tri-American Corporation, which ultimately lead to him becoming the top employee in sales within the organization. Factors that brought Dick to the top spot as a salesman were his salesmanship capabilities, his effective communication and ability to relate to customers and nonetheless his characteristical charm. At such a young age of twenty-two, receiving his MBA and his mental appetite for success, Spencer’s success in business, but mental ability was one of the strongest predictors of job performance (Hunter & Hunter, 1984). Another factor, or possibly a

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