The Relationship Between Private And Public Police Essay

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The Relationship Between Private and Public Police Paul Button Student Axia College University of Phoenix There are different types of police work within the United States. There are public police officers and private police officers. Each classification of officer has a different job description, requirements, and paid by different organizations, but ultimately perform the same job functions. This paper will discuss the relationship as well as differences of public and private police officers. The term police is defined as “a body of persons making up such a department, trained in methods of law enforcement, crime prevention and detection, and authorized to maintain the peace, safety, and order of the community” (Farlex 2011). Generally the term “police” are characterized as a person of authority who is marked with a specific uniform, badge, and gun. In some cases, police officers can be either public paid or privately paid employees. Public police officers are any police officer that has attended a law enforcement academy that is state approved and passes a state exam. On top of these two basic requirements, a person is not a police officer until they are hired and appointed by a local police chief, sheriff, or state police department. A public police officer is paid through a budget of the local government. Also public police officers are not able to enforce specific civil infraction that may occur on private property, for example parking violations. Public police officers do have the authority to investigate any criminal activity whether it occurred on private or public property. Public police are usually visible due to their marked patrol vehicles. Public police have distinguished markings on their vehicles, particularly to their light bar. The light bar is usually composed of red or blue lights. or a combination of both. These colors are
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