Critical Thinking And Ethics Essay

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THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN CRITICAL THINKING AND ETHICS The relationship between critical thinking and ethics can be construed differently depending on the individual. However, they seem to work together. While building on one, you are also building on the other. Ethics deals with rules or behaviors based on ideas about what is morally good and bad. Critical thinking can be described as a process by which we determine whether or not something is right or wrong. Critical thinking can also be considered a form of analysis that determines if something is fact or fiction. By becoming a critical thinker, a person begins to develop a mental process of evaluation that can help them determine their ethical standard. A person who is a critical thinker is also an ethical person. There are six steps in the critical thinking process: 1. Remembering Can I remember any key terms or phrases? Can I identify the topic main points and issues . 2. Understanding Am I able to explain in my…show more content…
But, that comes with a price. I sometimes become complacent, only focused on my motives and leaving everyone else to fend for themselves. My critical thinking skills will lead me to make ethical choices. Ethics applies to professional and societal responsibilities, as well as by providing a set of values that individuals should strive for such as kindness, compassion, integrity and responsibility . Weather it is at work, school or just walking down the street, these values still apply. As a manager for a very large company, I am very responsible and demonstrate integrity and honesty to my peers and my employees. I treat everyone fairly and I know I have a moral responsibility to make unbiased decisions. I make decisions based on my experience and am never mislead by any outside influences or prejudices. My values always drive me in the direction I need to

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