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Coaching Ethics, Values, and Morals Coaching Ethics, Values, and Morals Don Thompson SPHE 326 Professor Wojnar Abstract In this paper we will take a look at and answer several key questions in regards to ethics, morals, and values as they relate to the profession of coaching. We will look at and answer ten key questions on this topic. In sports, there are often situations that will lead people to make decisions and choices that are in contrast to who they really are. Of course, there are also some individuals who simply are not good people either. As we go through the series of questions we will not only define these key words, but also look at examples as they relate to the coaching profession as well. Coaching Ethics, Values, and Morals We will go through a series of questions systematically and evaluate the world of coaching. As we go through this you will find that many coaches are in the profession to truly make a difference in young athletes, however, there are also those who have no business being in the world of coaching. Questions: 1. What are ethics, morals, and values? In looking at this question let’s look first at the values potion of this question. Values relate to the fundamental core beliefs that an individual or company hold valuable. The values of one team are not always going to be the same as those of another team. If we then look at what morals are we would see that morals are the set of values that we attribute to a system of beliefs. Often times, these are tied to a system of beliefs that have been passed down through either religious teachings, or family teachings, or just life lessons learned. The last part of this question is that of ethics. Ethics in their simplest form are our actions and decisions in relation their alignment with our morals and values. 2. What is Character? How does character relate to

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