Ethics Awareness Inventory

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Ethics Awareness Inventory Shawaun Cunningham PSY490 April 29, 2013 Jane Northrop Ethics Awareness Inventory Many individuals share different views on ethics, some believe that it is a moral, and immoral behavior, verses right and wrong. However, their views may vary based on beliefs and ethical decisions. To understand the ethical nature of individual’s decisions, would be to take a look at their personality other than passing judgment on their actions. The ethical perspective is based on the characteristics on an individual’s belief and ethical moral values as well as the perspective views that is impacting society today. The code of conduct plays an important role in ethic principals and professional psychology. However, ethics can be applied to a professional organization in terms of impacting individuals personally, spiritually, and socially. Personal Ethics in Psychology, Principles and Code of Conduct The ethics awareness inventory provides detail information pertaining to the role and the importance of personal ethics in professional psychology. Personal ethics are applied in the field to ensure that individuals characteristic are developed in terms of moral and ethical responsibilities, as well as understanding an individual’s moral views and behavior. This can impact the psychological principles as well as personal spiritual, social and organizational issues. According to APA, “The ethical standards set forth enforceable rules for conducts as psychologists” (APA, 2013). The ethics code apply to the activities of psychologists who contributes to science, education and other professions. Psychologists make certain decisions concerning their professional behavior, they must deliberate the ethics code in terms of laws and regulations (APA, 2013). Psychologist are required to protect and respect human rights and the importance of their freedom and
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