Personal Code Of Ethics

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My Personal Code of Ethics First we need to consider what ethics is and what it means to us as individuals. Ethics is basically the study of morality and moral issues. It helps us understand how wrong and right relate to human behavior. Giving us a much better understanding of why people react the way they do in many different situations. I believe that ethics are very important in creating the moral fiber of each and every individual. When you are young you are taught the basics, such as stealing is bad, cheating is wrong, and you should always tell the truth and many of us try to live by this simple rules. We must also remember that not everyone believes that ethics is based on reasoning but on emotions and intuition. There are many different believes about ethical living I believe that to live ethically you just need to sit a standard for the way you want to live and the way you want to be treated. Allowing any one to belittle you or your beliefs is unethical. Many people believe that religion plays a role in ethical living. I am not so sure that this true there have been plenty of church going people who have done some very unethical things. It is very hard to live ethically I know I have faced temptation many times and I have fallen many times but even in my darkest hours of my addictions there was always a part of me that knew what I was doing was wrong and the only one that could stop me was me. For this reason I also believe that emotions and intuitions play a huge part in making an ethical decision. When ever you are faced with a big decision you may get a gut feeling on what decision would be best for you. Take for instance you are asked to get in a strangers car. At that very moment you get a sick feeling in your stomach you say no and walk away that is what I consider intuition that was your minds way of saying this is a very bad idea. I personally
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