‘the Outbreak of War in August 1914 Was Ultimately the Result of Decisions Made by the German Military’ How Far Do You Agree with This Opinion?

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There are many reasons as to why war broke out in August of 1914. Sources 1 and 2 agree with the statement that it was due to decisions made by the German military. Source 1 states it was the military who mobilised and made Germany appear to the rest of the world to be gearing up for war whilst source 2 uses the schlieffen plan as the reason for why the German military caused the outbreak of war. Source 3 however disagrees with the statement arguing all other countries carefully thought about the risks of war before entering into it, implying it was up to the Kaiser and Bethmann Hollweg. Source 2, even though it agrees with the statement also disagrees to an extent as well and supports source 3, blaming the immobilisation of Russia for the outbreak of war, linking to source 3 as Russia would have carefully thought out the plan to immobilise and rearm. Source 1 also slightly blames the Austrians for the start of the war due to the conflict between Austria-Hungary and Serbia in relation to the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand which is an important reason that should not be overlooked. Another reason for the outbreak of war is also the triple entente between Britain, France and Russia which caused Germany to feel encircled due to these countries geographical location, this could disprove source 2 about the schlieffen plan, arguing it was done in order to knock France out before war began officially and put ends to a 2 front war. Source 1 agrees with the statement that war broke out as a result of decisions made by the German military. ‘German military which ultimately secured by a combination of persuasion and defiance, the mobilisation orders, the ultimata and declarations of war which unleashed the conflict’ This shows the German military were the ones who ordered the mobilisation and rearmament of Germany and the use of the word ‘defiance’ means source 1
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