Who Was Responsible for Starting World War One?

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The First World War was one of the largest conflicts that the world has ever seen; there is much dispute over who was really to blame for the start of World War One. Naturally, the blame traditionally falls to the Germans, but were they really to blame for escalating the conflict that was already turning global with Russia mobilizing their army and being ready to help Serbia? The reasons for Germany wanting to start a war were mainly their jealousy of Britain’s Empire and wealth. They were also feeling threatened by France and Russian on its eastern and western borders. Germany had to either get involved in the war and be on the front foot against France and Russia, or they could wait until they were attacked and be unprepared. They showed this fear in the German Imperial War Council of 1912. As well as this, they had pledged to defend Austro Hungary, and had a burden of responsibility after their show of support in November 1912. The Austro Hungarian Empire also had reasons for war, they had a large empire and wanted to protect their land from the rebelling Serbs. There was also the widely accepted claim that the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand was the event that tipped the scales of war. They were also ready for a fully fledged was with Russia, as they were supporting the rebelling Balkan national states and they were ready for a European war. The Russians had strengthened their military and now had over a million soldiers in their armed forces. They had been embarrassed in 1908 by their inability to support Serbia in the Bosnian crisis, and their army underwent heavy military reconstruction. This new army was ready to go. Britain had some flimsy reasons to go to war, and they were pretty worried about Germany over taking them in the manufacturing industry, which was the main industry for Britain, and was their forté before, during and after
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