The Odysseus: A Hero

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The Odyssey Odysseus is a hero who fought to save his shipmates. Odysseus, the son of maritees has been gone from his home for twenty years. During that time he had to fight many obstacles, such as the Cyclops, sirens, and lotus eaters. In homers epic poem “The Odyssey,” Odysseys proves that he is a hero because he shows bravery at every turn, he uses leadership when its needed, and is strong and does anything to save himself and the shipmates. Odysseys is a courageous hero and shows bravery at every turn he can do to protect his shipmates In “The Odyssey.” In the quote “he alone hungered for home and wife,”(homer 963) homer uses the word hungered to describe the way Odysseus is yearning for the site to see his wife and home again. Being…show more content…
“I drove them all three wailing”(966) Odysseus appoints the word “wailing” to illustrate the three men sobbing after eating the lotus. In the quote “when the young dawn with fingerprints of touched the world, I roused the men, gave orders to men, cast off morning lines”(978) he is describing the young dawn of fingerprints of rose. He is also showing his leadership. Finally as a result, Odysseus is a great commander in getting home safely. Furthermore, when he does reach home has to show his muscular strength again. Odysseys is a strong hero and shows his strength of how he can save his people. In homers epic poem “The Odyssey,” Odysseys in one motion strung the bow”(1005) he is being compared to haper because he has power at stringing the bow, while Odysseus tries to save his shipmates, homer describes Odysseus’s feelings at sea “while he fought only to save his life to bring his shipmates home.”(963) He shows how he can do everything by himself. In the end, Odysseus was a honorable hero, was proven. He showed great leadership, bravery, and strength throughout the whole poem. Odysseys, himself proved that he could be a wonderful hero by using there

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