The Open Boat

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In Stephen Crane, “The Open Boat” there is four main characters an Oilier, Captain, Correspondent, and a Cook who formed a brotherhood in a time of crisis. Throughout the story the man encounters some good and bad experience but through it all they were able to maintain a strong brotherhood. The bond that the character had created allowed them to be rescued. The story reveals a tremendous amount of brotherhood throughout the story, but in order to appreciate the crew's challenge to achieve brotherhood one must first realize the diversity of people on the boat. The crew’s willingness to follow the captain orders display how brotherhood is first display in the story. They accomplished brotherhood by placing their trust in the captain to get them back to shore. Likewise, we see them display more brotherhood when they come together to make a sail. Due to the strong wind the crew devised a plan to use the captains’ jacket and one oar to create a sail. The captain place is confidant in their ideas to make a sail out of his jacket that allow them sail. The correspondent and Oilier shows brotherhood by working together after the build the sail and only had one oar. Near the end of the story the captain exhibits so true brotherhood. The captain, though injured, remains clear-headed and makes the decisions, which the others unquestioningly obey. However, the captain and the other crew members were struggling to swim to shore, but the captain unselfishly told the local man to help the drowning correspondent “but the captain waved him away, and sent him to the correspondent.:. “ A "brotherhood of men" has been formed of the four characters that were in horrible situation. The brotherhood they created gives them the strength to continue on. The way the men treated their brother makes us realize that nature might but strong and powerful but a true bond can cope with the
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