The Movie Bones Research Paper

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Bones I'm not much of a sports watcher, let alone a player. I don't watch television a lot since only particular television programs interest me. Crime-solving, semi-gory, drama filled series catch my attention. Considering I have cable, there's not many channels that pertain to my interest. Two years ago I turned the channel to TNT and a show was playing, called Bones. The show is based on forensic anthropology centralized on a FBI case. It's called Bones because it concerns the mystery behind human remains. I started watching it and I was hooked on it quickly. There was always a process I went through in order to see it. I used to wait all day to occupy myself with just one show, but I recently found a more convenient way to watch my favorite program.…show more content…
If Bones was playing at that moment, I got lucky. If not, I would change to channel 45, the TV Guide. The TV Guide only previews what's playing over a period of one hour, and it wasn't much help. It came to my mind that I should Google TNT's entire schedule over a one day period. That way, I could see if Bones was playing at all that day. If it did, I would wait. When I really got into the show, I decided I wanted to see it from the very beginning, but wasn't quite sure how I would do so. TNT's episodes were playing from the fifth and sixth season only, and that disappointed me. One day I turned the TV on, and there were was nothing I liked that was playing. I decided to look up movies on Netflix to keep me entertained. However, I couldn't find any movies that seemed of interest to me. I had then got the idea to look up television series, and to my surprise, Bones was an option. I saw seasons one through six on the side bar, and I became very
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