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The current situation in the book is that the main character, Suze, is have a chat with her dead father who is a ghost (since she can speak to ghosts) when all of a sudden her stepbrother David walks into the kitchen and sees her talking to nothing but the wall, since he cannot see the ghost. Suze tries to explain herself to her stepbrother and since he saw her crying early when she was actually crying in her father’s arms he told her that whatever it was to do it quick. So she quickly leaves her kitchen and goes to call Father Dominic, a priest who also shared her power to speak to the dead. Suze tells Father Dominic how Paul Slater (an old friend from school who can also speak to the dead and who tried to kill her and now wants to date her) is planning on going back in time…show more content…
Soon after it was Saturday night and Jesse was watching movies with Suze. Since Jesse was from 1850, movies weren’t invented back then so Suze was showing him so films she had. Just when they were watching the movie Jesse had mentioned seeing Paul at Suze and his school after hours, and that is when Suze realized that Junipero Serra Mission Academy was built in the 1700’s and that it was a building where Paul could have traveled back through time without having to be in Suze’s house. Jesse was wondering why Suze was worried all of a sudden and she explained everything to him. That was when Jesse told Suze that he was going to go over there were Paul was; but before Jesse could finish saying anything Suze was freaking out and thinking that Jesse wanted Paul to save his life in the past so that he could have another chance at life. Suze thought that Jesse wanted to live more than he had wanted to be with her. That was when Jesse said that he wasn’t going to go with Paul to help save his own life, but he was going to stop Paul from tampering with the past so Jesse and Suze could be

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