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“So why do we keep on watching?” These words by Barbra Ehrenreich have spurred controversy among Americans who excessively watched television in the 1980’s. She claims that TV has transformed the majority of the population into couch potatoes, which causes them to lead boring lives. Ehrenreich argues that the lives of the viewers are no longer accurately represented on the shows they watch, but throughout her argument, she emphasizes the message that Americans need to watch less television. While Ehrenreich’s opinion about changing the boring lives of couch potatoes is accurate, her assessment of what’s available to watch on television is too simplistic. Ehrenreich asserts that viewers rarely see characters on television watching television, on account that such a sequence would be boring, and TV only features interesting and exciting content. Her assertion is meant to show viewers they would be unwilling to watch what they do on television, so, logically-speaking, their lives are boring. I know this claim to be true because in my countless hours of watching television, I’ve never encountered characters watching TV for any extended amount of time. When it so rarely occurs that one of the characters on the show that I’m watching is just watching TV, my attention goes to something different. I have noticed when I visit friends and their families are gathered around the TV set, the experience is quite boring until I join them on the couch. Ehrenreich also establishes that the “American people” have turned into the all to familiar term, “couch potato.” While not all want to admit it all of us at some point have spent hours upon hours watching our favorite television show and in that moment are a couch potato. Ehrenreich makes it clear that at one point she herself was a common couch potato she also describes the various other activities that could replace the hours

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