The Life And Journey Of Muhammed Bilal

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THE LIFE AND JOURNEY OF MUHAMMED BILAL Muhammed Bilal was portrayed in the story of the Glory Field as the main character (Protagonist). In this story it exhibited him as an eleven year old boy who was abducted from his homeland in Africa and thrown on a slave ship with other slaves to America. He tells of his fears, his terrifying experiences, his abuse, hardship, and the shackles that follow him and are passed on from one generation to another generation. He was taken to a plantation off the South Carolina coast and there he was put in hard labor by his masters. Muhammed and his descendants worked on the land which was later named as the Glory Field. The story follows in the course of five different eras, tracing the lives of the Lewis family, the descendants of Muhammed Bilal. In each time period, a young member of the family goes through a turning point in his or her life. Like in a case where one member had to run away from home to save his life and when another one was beaten and whipped by their masters. The Lewis family also had to struggle to get money to pay for their taxes. In this story it shows us the hardship life for Muhammad’s descendants during each time period and the strength of those who met these challenges and gathered strength from within. Their hardship exhibited itself in the story where a young and beautiful girl Lizzy who has been brought up under the conditions of slavery. She unknowingly must risk her life and escape from bondage during an incident which threatens the lives of the people she loved. She avoids being captured by finding shelter in a Union Army camp and joins the fight for the freedom of others. The next one is the life of a boy, Elijah Lewis, a young man who affirms himself by asking for a huge amount of money when hunting for a blind boy who was lost in a terrible storm. He finally found the boy
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