Obstacles In The Secret Life Of Bees

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Life’s journey is a struggle. However through this journey one is able to obtain a better understanding of life. It is the struggles that individuals overcome in life that defines ones true identity. The novel The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kid examines the struggles the protagonist; Lily overcomes to obtain a meaningful life at great length. The purpose of this paper is to attempt to reveal that when individuals encounter life’s obstacles, they are granted access to acquire a fulfilling life. Lily the protagonist overcomes obstacles in life through discrimination in society, building relationships and gaining love. Ultimately Lily achieves a meaningful life. Discrimination is a prejudicial treatment differentiating people into different categories. All through Lily’s childhood, a challenge she strives to overcome in life; is the discrimination her father holds against women. Lily is not able to obtain a life she desires at her fullest…show more content…
Some relationships may benefit and help gain positive experiences in life and some may lead to negative experiences that allow you to learn and gain meaning to your life. Rosaleen was an individual that Lily was able to build a sturdy relationship throughout the years they have spent together. In a conflict where Rosaleen’s life was at risk, Lily expresses affection towards Rosaleen that reveals the strong relationship built between the two. “My arms felt weak in their sockets. Franklin Posey was the man with the flashlight, and he was gonna kill Rosaleen. But then, hadn’t I known this inside even before T.Ray ever said it?” (Kid 38). Even though Lily is aware that she is put in a life or death situation, she does not want to give up on Rosaleen. This experience helps build a strong bond between them and Lily is able to learn from and understand the importance of building

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