Narrative Of Life Of Frederick Douglass Narrative Essay

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Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass by Frederick Douglass is his story as an American slave struggling to become a free slave. Douglass’ story supplies a more in depth look into how slavery was affecting him and other slaves from the victim’s perspective. The Narrative of Life of Frederick Douglass illustrates in great detail the life that Frederick Douglass was faced to endure. Through his narrative we are given the opportunity to follow Douglass from child hood to his life as a free man. Along this journey we are given an account of what slavery was like in the 1800’s, as well as an emotional outlook at the struggle which led Douglass to freedom, allowing him to become a prominent slavery abolitionist. From the beginning of the novel that slavery is evil, this is subtly apparent when I am first introduced to Frederick Douglass as a child with no identity, idea of who he is or where he comes from. Douglass has no sense of self other than his life as a slave. In a sense Douglass is…show more content…
Douglass unintentionally heard of people around him talking between them that whites maintain power over black slaves by keeping them uneducated. He instantly shocked. Douglass has known intuitively that slavery is evil, but has been mystified by the logic of how slavery works. Douglass decided to educate himself and to escape from slavery. However, he is later taken from the Aulds and placed with Edward Covey, a slave “breaker,” for a year. Under Covey’s brutal treatment, Douglass loses his desire to learn and escape. Douglass decides to fight back against Covey’s brutal beatings. The shocked Covey did not whip Douglass ever again.Douglass is hired to William Freeland, a kinder slave master. He could not escaped by his own power, and he had to gather his fellow together in order to escape. Therefore, Douglass started educating his fellow slaves and planning his
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