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Huckleberry Finn is a young boy living near the Mississippi River during a time when slaves were treated more like property than human beings. Throughout the book, Huck is battling with his conscience trying to decide whether to side with society- owning slaves, or being himself and learning to care about Jim who is a slave owned by Huck’s caretaker, Miss. Watson. Huck is abducted by his father at the beginning of the book, but he escapes only to find Jim hiding on an island called Jackson’s Island. Jim explains to Huck that Miss. Watson wants to sell him down the river and further separate him from his family. Jim and Huck escape on a raft together planning to float to Cairo, Illinois, a free territory, and the two go on many adventures together…show more content…
Watson telling her the whereabouts of “her runaway nigger” and how to get to him. He primarily wrote this note so he could talk with God, however, he tore it up and threw it in the river after deciding that he doesn’t care about the right thing versus the wrong thing and that he just wants to help Jim escape slavery and free his family. He even says, “All right then, I’ll go to hell!” and resolves to “steal Jim out of slavery.” When this is happening, Huck is confused and is mixes his head with his heart and truth with loyalty. After he resolves to save Jim, he feels ready to make…show more content…
In the sense that he journeys physically, he literally travels down the Mississippi River. The metaphorical aspect of it is the fact that he learns to truly care about as well as love Jim and slaves in general. Huck is the character the reader knows will pull through and realize what is wrong about slavery. He was the one you could count on not to be ignorant like almost everyone else in the book. Huck learns what is really right and wrong. He does not simply follow society and their beliefs, but believes in what he thinks is right all along: freeing Jim and doing everything in his power to save him from a miserable life away from his family, who are the people he cares the most for. In the end, Huck and Jim cared for each other and created their own small

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