The Journey In Cormac Mccarthy's The Road

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The Journey Cormac McCarthy’s The Road is about a journey through a burned America. The journey is taken by a father and a son. The mother had killed herself not to long after the destruction happened. The father and son encounter the bad people and some good people. The boy also helps his father find the faith that he needs. The journey is about a man who loses faith at then finds it. This faith is how they survived the destruction and devastation they encountered on their journey. The father and the boy travel along the old highways that have now been deserted. They go from town to town and search for things they need like food, clothing, blankets, etc. They also have to make sure that they have not been spotted by the bad people. These…show more content…
You know. Yeah. All right (164). The father thinks the boy is going to ask if they can keep him. The boy is feeling compassion toward Ely. The feeling the boy has toward Ely is helping the father feel maybe some compassion for him too. He doesn’t trust anyone but the way his son is acting with the old man seems to be changing the way the father feels. The boy also encounters the feeling of being scared. He doesn’t want to be into danger or have his father in danger. He loves his father and he never wants to leave him. He is always scared when they come to a house on the road because there might be some bad people around. He is just a boy and it is natural to feel that way. The boy has to go through so much during this journey that he shouldn’t feel scared anymore. He is still just a boy who is scared and doesn’t know what to do. The boy also sees the good in other people. When they encounter people the boy automatically wants to him them. The father feels that people shouldn’t be trusted. The boy sees past that and feels that there is good in everyone. The boy believes that some where out on the road other people like them exist. One conversation shows us this: There are other good guys. You said so.
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