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Society and the stereotypes all around us enjoy pointing out the fact that teenage boys are selfish, spoiled, crazy, and rude. Why do they do this? People love reading and hearing about stories regarding these types of things; they create conversation, and give people a reason to believe what they believe. Imagine if every adolescent male was perfect in their actions; they performed every act with generosity, obeyed their parents and mentors at all costs, and were very polite and kind to everyone. This would be boring in the eyes of the media, because they enjoy pointing out flaws and showcasing them to the world. Perfection in human beings does not make top news and headlines; imperfections and mishaps do. However, what I have come to realize…show more content…
“William Pollack has done research at Harvard Medical School, and in Real Boys, explores why so many boys today are sad, confused, and lonely, although they may appear the complete opposite. He attempts, through this book, to get everyone to truly understand what boys are really experiencing, and the hardships they may be silently facing.” In Real Boys, Pollack mentions a study of: “over eighty adolescent boys,” which concluded, “boys with fathers who had the poorest self control demonstrated significant difficulties in almost all areas of their lives” (121). This shows that boys without a strong father figure in their life will most likely struggle more. They will probably not be taught the core values and chivalrous actions that a strong, self-controlled father would normally teach his son. If a young boy does not have the opportunity of growing up with a strong fatherly figure, his actions will probably not be as considerate towards others, but instead will be more out of control, like his father’s. Again, this happens because sons look up to their fathers, and try to imitate them; if the father is not chivalrous, the son will most likely not be either. Furthermore, Pollack then goes to say, “…fathers frequently show that they care and nurture their sons through action” (120). If a young boy sees his father acting with…show more content…
However, I am sure that there are many boys who grow up in a single parent home, specifically just with their mothers. According to Jennifer Wolf of About.com, “approximately 84% of all custodial parents are mothers.” I would have to do further research and interviewing to figure out if boys with single moms are still brought up and raised with the same gentlemanly qualities that boys growing up with a father possess. Possibly, I could interview around one hundred boys who held the door for others to see what their situation was like at home; whether they grew up with both parents, or just

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