Night and Life Is Beautiful

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Carissa Rumble
Mrs. Stamps
Senior Honors English
3 October 2012
Throughout history, the relationship that parents have with their children has changed drastically. Two hundred years ago, children were rarely allowed to speak to their elders unless spoken to. However, the relationship between parents and their children has evolved into something much greater since then. One event that changed the father-son relationship forever was the holocaust in the 1940s. The tragic experience forced families to look out for each other and grow closer. The novel Night and the film Life is Beautiful depict two entirely different father-son relationships during the holocaust. One major difference between the two is the attitude of how the story is told. The way that the characters view their situation is completely different. In Night, Chlomo and Elie realize their fate and have a very negative attitude about it. They become very depressed and they cannot see the bright side of anything that happens. On the other hand, in Life is Beautiful, Guido and Joshua stay positive throughout the entire experience. Guido knows what is coming for them, but he continues to fight for Joshua’s happiness. He does not want Joshua to worry about what is going to happen to them, so he does everything he can to stay positive and keep Joshua from discovering the truth. The way that the father and son treat each other throughout the story is also a noticeable difference between the two. Chlomo and Elie’s relationship compared to Guido and Joshua’s relationship is like night and day. Toward the end of Night, Elie starts to feel responsible for his father. He feels the need to take care of him when Chlomo begins to get weak. Elie and his father manage to stick together through the whole experience, but Elie occasionally has thoughts about abandoning Chlomo to make his own life
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