The Internet And Our Younger Generation Essay

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The Internet and Our Younger Generation The internet has given the human race an unlimited amount of knowledge with a few clicks of a mouse. From news articles and sports statistics, to on-line shopping and driving directions, the list is endless. An unlimited amount of information is accessible about anyone or anything with very little effort. Without leaving the comfort of home you can shop for clothes, purchase concert tickets, pay bills, and have an on-line conversation without ever speaking one word. The internet is used constantly in our daily lives and is part of our advanced society. It has changed our fast world into an even faster one. The younger generation has grown up with the internet and it is use it in every aspect of their lives. Twenty years ago most people would have not imagined the information that is available to us today. The internet can have both positive and negative impact on the social skills and psychological well-being of today’s youth. It is important that we educate and control our children’s use of what the internet has to offer. The internet is a wonderful invention for mankind. Social networks such as MySpace and Facebook allow access to anyone at any time throughout the world. Video sites such as YouTube allow you to watch an embarrassing moment that has happened just minutes ago to someone you do not even know. You can have a conversation with someone using on-line instant messaging and at the same time watch streaming video of some obscure college competition. Shopping for just about anything is easy over the internet. E-mail is quite possibly the most used form of communication, allowing people to respond when it is most convenient. While the internet provides society with exceptional features, it is important to monitor our youth as they utilize this invention. Studies have shown that 48 percent of he

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