Growing Up Online

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Positives with the Internet and Growing Up The youth generation today uses the internet so much in their daily lives it has created an epidemic. The epidemic caused uproar of different ways of learning, communicating, teaching and even shopping or advertising done online. Technologies such as ipad, laptops and smart phones make internet access unbelievably easy. Since it is so easy, “Growing up Online”, a document by Frontline that aired on Januarary 18, 2008, claimed that the internet has caused many issues in the youth’s lives. One problem the internet caused stated in the documentary is, it is very hard for parents and authorities to regulate what kids do on the computer. Since the internet is so easy to access via new technologies, authoritative figures just cannot be present with the kids all the time. Another issue the internet has caused reported by the documentary is by it being so addictive, it has taken time away from studying, school work and activities such as reading. This is a problem because education is almost a must in today’s society. However, the documentary fails to acknowledge how the internet has helped kids by providing ways to find answers and acquire research and knowledge. Instead of exploring all the negatives found from the internet and kids growing up with the internet, the positives should also be discovered. The Frontline documentary also revealed that the internet has allowed kids to escape reality by having a “life” online. The internet helps kids express themselves through websites like MySpace, Facebook and blogs. The documentary goes on about how by letting the students have a life outside of reality can cause kids to have insecurity issues and have negative images for themselves. It’s understood that kids may reveal risqué photos of themselves that is bad for their reputation. Another problem with a “life” outside of reality
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