The Influence of Media in Social Identity Essay

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The influence of media in Social identity Media has caused a big impact on society especially on women and teens, because the fact of big changes in people such as; lifestyles, choices, thinking process and habits. Nowadays, Media has had a strong effect on society that its presence is unnoticeable to the public eye. However, media is very important to any society because of its variety of communications methods. The following that are the most useful way of communication to society is; television, radio, magazines, newspapers and the Internet. It has been working as the source of today’s communication and managing a big amount of information all around the world. According to Glidden’s these are referred to as ‘mass’ media, because they communicate to a mass audience comprised of very large numbers of people (Glidden’s 2009 p 724). It has been rapidly incorporated in our society and its importance is increasing the way we act and think of individuals. Media has the power to change the way that audience knows and understand the reality around them. Perhaps, people do not realize how the media sends messages to our brains, which we do not simply see, but they exist. We as human do not see how media has shaped the way we think. However in order to see beyond, we need to think why we like, and what we like, for example the music we like, TV shows we watch, and the way we dress. All of these are reasons that are mentioned above on how media has a big influence on us. We form our identity based on what we see or hear. Since we spend a big amount of time receiving information from the media therefore we are affected by the media. Broadcasting values is one of the most important aspects in a person’s life. Although values are thought by the family, however people learn from those in different places and environments. The problem is how

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