The Effects of News Media

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The Effects of News Media Hum/186 September 24, 2013 The Effects of News Media Over the years News media has had a major impact on the American culture. News media has been used as a tool to change the way the American people think, act and treat other cultures. For example: After the 9/11 attack the news media portrayed that the group of individuals that carried out the attacks where Muslim which in return had a major effect on the American people. We started to believe that all Muslim where terrorist. In this essay we will discuss if information media has social responsibility, the role information and news media plays in the shaping of political opinions, the way news reporting changed with the advent of the Internet and converging media, and how electronic media and their convergence transformed journalism and news consumption. Information media, or news media does have a very profound effect on today’s society and this is why it is an absolute must that today’s news media has social responsibility. Millions of Americans rely the news media every day to inform them on what is going on around the world. So it is very important that the news media not only report the news without bias but also report the news in a manner that does not depict one person or a group of people to be the “bad guys”. It is imperative that Americans form their own opinions and not the media for them. It is also very necessary that the news media report truthfully. No false pictures. On (on it says, “Saying or printing something knowingly untrue or making accusations without evidence or attribution is illegal”. This is so important. Because the news media touches so many people every day it needs to be constantly watched and governed to make sure we the are getting the most “straight forward” news and

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