Can Music Inspire Social Change Essay

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1. CAN MUSIC INSPIRE SOCIAL CHANGE? In the first part of my essay I would like to briefly explain the psychological and physical effects music can cause in humanity, especially in the masses of people. I will also explain the meaning of social change and why this is generated in societies. Music is important in the life of every human being as it is usually the most common means by which emotions are conveyed and these in turn generate feelings that affect our behavior. This is why we often say that a song touches us. Feelings are impressions that cause moods such as joy, sadness, anger, etc. Emotions exert enormous influence on the way we think and act, so that they can become what determine our behavior. Because music is a medium that generates changes in our lives and in the way we live, music has become one of the main factors that generate masses to create social change. The notion of social change involves modifying or transforming This social various types of structures belonging to a population group. change can be expressed in many ways, from superficial elements constantly evolving to structures rooted in tradition. The reasons why there can be a social change are of various kinds and may be explicit or implicit, voluntary or involuntary depending on the type of population and of its external elements. 
 It can be said that in most cases the idea of social change has a positive connotation because it implies the evolution and adaptation of a society to the particular needs of its historical period. 
 Evidently music is not only an object comprising sounds. Music always generates reaction in human beings. Social changes have occurred mostly where social indifference has been corrupt either in a political, social, cultural, economic, religious or other type of environment. In this essay I will present three examples of songs that have influenced

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