The Influence Of Ipv To Children

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The society today is indeed facing a lot of challenging issues. One of the most controversial issues occurring in the society today has something to do with violence. Violence takes many forms. It can be done to anyone, anytime and anywhere. This paper focuses on the violence done on mothers by their partners. It displays the effect of the said violence to the children of these mothers, who experience seeing the violence being done to their mothers. That experience may have detrimental effects to these children, physically, emotionally and psychologically. Intimate partner violence (IPV) is physical, emotional or sexual abuse done against a current or former spouse, sexual partner, girl/boyfriend, or by parties with a child in common. The usual targets of this kind of violence are women that are most likely, injured. Children living in a household with IPV may not actually witness violent events but are nonetheless exposed to IPV through after-effects including the physical and / or psychological traumatic impacts on the victim. IPV exposure impacts these children and often results to negative short and long term behavioral, psychological, cognitive and social impacts on children. These children witnessing the violence sometimes get involved in the IPV by being caught in the conflict unintentionally or while stepping in to defend a parent being victimized. Children exposed to IPV are also likely to be victims of child maltreatment, as there is a high co-occurrence of both types of violence. According to this study, the children are the main factor on the reason why the mother stays in the relationship with her abusive husband. Even though they are having a hard time, just to keep the family intact however, the mothers have guilt feelings due to putting their children in that kind of stress. Other respondents thought of leaving their partners and calling

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