The Importance Of Tax's Fair For Everyone

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Jordan Mendoza Money Management Brent Booth November 27th 2012 I feel as that there is no way to possibly make Tax's fair for everyone. Its also hard to make a decision on this topic because my views are one sided with washington state tax's. I feel as if that we were to take taxes away on something that it would effect something else, as to say no tax on gas means there is no money going toward the roads. If we were to have sin tax, which I believe we already do tax those items, I think that is ok. Taxing items like alcohol and tobacco, is a good thing, you hope it will help people quit smoking, or alcoholics stop drinking. But then is that fair to he companies selling the product? So we tax alcohol and tobacco so high people stop…show more content…
People with that amount of money to go out and buy property and items they have no need for other then because they can is ridiculous. When like some of our politicians have 8 houses, who needs 8 houses. I mean I think there could be exceptions on this tax law. Like if you have more then one boat every boat after the first should be taxed, and the same on houses, yet I feel like if you have a ski cabin or a lake house thats different but when you own a lake house on every lake there should be a limit. I still feel as if trying to make a fair tax law for everyone is impossible. To me it would seem that some one would always be ending up getting the short end of the stick. From the company to the government it would not work out. I feel like some taxes could and should be modified to make things better but I do not know if it could ever be fair. I do find it interesting what will the new tax laws will follow with the legalization of marijuana. Now could you say would this be a fair item to put heavy tax on? I think it would be fair but a lot of people would disagree the same with food or any other item. A lot of people wish gas was tax free, but those taxes go to the roads, would you prefer gas tax or pot holes? Would you prefer a whole bunch of people smoking weed or having it controlled and taxed so its not running ramped. I feel as if I was a tad of topic with this last one but I think it proves a point on how can we make taxation fair for
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