The Importance Of Love

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Sometimes we find ourselves lost in the world, a belief that nothing is left for us, a thought that this might be the end of our dreams, this might be the last chance. Nothing is worse for us than this kind of feelings; I once go through this all, so I know what it feels. It’s not that the problem you are facing now only came to you. It has its presence in everyone’s life. In simple words, 90 percent people in this world are not happy about their life. They have desires; they find themselves empty. It’s very hard to find someone who is completely happy with life, for what he has or for what he capable of, and for what he is blessed with when we will be able to understand that nothing will remain impossible to us. In fact, when I was in bed for one long year, I used to think like that “I may not be able…show more content…
What makes us kind? What feels us alive? That eternal word “Love.” Love makes us alive. Love gives us peace of mind. Love gives the reason to fight. Fight for our survival fights for our happiness. But it’s sad that often we forget that love in our life. Love for those who care for us. Love gives us memory and that memory bring the smile for us. Don’t miss that river of Love. Because the river of love never comes back, it will leave you sad for your whole life. Spread the river of love from your heart for those who care for us. Floating In Sky With The Peace Of Mind My Mind is Still Now. Nothing is happening with me. I can see the world now. I can see the waterfalls. I can see the flowers. I can see those thousand and a thousand people in front of me. I can feel their energy. I am at peace now. No worries left in me. My soul is enjoying the freedom. I want to live in this moment. I want it, again and again, happen to me. When I meditate for long, these words come to my mind; I don’t know what is right or what is wrong, but at that moment I love to repeat those words. It feels me alive. It gives me the peace of mind. A Run For Your

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