3.03 Managing Stress

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Stress is part of everyday life. It happens to me and it happens to everyone else. Whenever it happens to me, I just try to relax or keep myself busy. Some new techniques that I tried include: meditating as a relaxation technique, playing tennis as a physical activity, and listening to music as a multi-media activity. Through these new techniques, I have learned to deal with stress well. Through meditation I realized that I can truly relax in an amazing way. It especially helps get in touch with your body. Just being in a quiet, secluded area, trying to “stretch it all out” and get over all the stressed helped dramatically. It was a new technique that was very easy and relaxing. When I feel stressed and I just want to take out anger, I play tennis. I feel like instead of getting upset at others, playing a game I like can help me relax. It helps me stay fit and helps release the anger. This is easiest way for me to keep calm and get things off my mind. Playing tennis also allows me to share my problems and let it all out. Since I usually play with my mom, I am able to take a huge weight off my shoulders. Music has always appeared to be my way of escaping the world. I feel like I can relate to the different types of music. No matter what I’m feeling, music can speak my words for me. I know that I’m not the only one feeling a certain way. This method can be used in any situation. Music seems to also cheer me up. Listening to my favorite songs is an easy way to brighten up my day. In a tough situation, I would listen to music because it’s the most convenient way to relieve stress. I like the tennis strategy more, but it’s not always the best thing to get up and go outside. Listening to music can be done in any situation. The lyrics calm you down and sometimes give you a solution to your problem. Thanks to technology, even our phones can provide us with music.

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