The Importance Of Fruits

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Classification Essay In the present, a great number of people tend to take care their health more than in the past because having a good health provides a lot of benefits. There are several ways people do to make themselves healthy and have better body shapes such as exercise and going on a diet. Choosing diet to eat is also one of the ways since each diet has its own benefits, fruits and vegetables as well. Fruits and vegetables can be classified using the principle of color; each different color of fruits and vegetables contains unique health components which are crucial to our health. The first color fruits and vegetables is red. There are various fruits and vegetables that are red such as tomato, strawberry, cherry, red grape, watermelon,…show more content…
Green compound has included various components such as chlorophyll, potassium, vitamin A and mineral, and is high in fiber as well. According to the five color you need you eat routinely… and why (n.d.), it has indicated that cruciferous vegetables like broccoli, cabbage and brussels sprouts specifically have sulfurous compounds that help your liver detoxify harmful cancer and can also help protect woman from ovarian cancer. In addition, other green fruits and vegetables have potassium which is great for heart. Consuming green fruits and vegetables make people have better excretion since these fruits and vegetables have plenty of fiber. Dietary fiber add bulks to the stools and help them pass through the intestines, and out of the body faster. (Larson, 2016) Moreover, fiber can reduce cholesterol levels which is a major risk factor of heart disease. A study of Harvard University has shown that men who consume the highest level of dietary fiber (around 28.9 gram/day) had a 40% lower risk of heart disease. (CNN, 2013) Additionally, Mann (2013) has written that increasing fiber intake will aid weight loss, it will decrease abdominal obesity and belly fat. For every 10-gram increase in solute fiber eaten per day belly fat was reduced by almost 4% over five years, research showed. Consequently, green fruits and vegetables which are high in chlorophyll, vitamin, mineral and fiber has several advantages to people’s

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