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W0511552 English 102-09 Classic Argumentative Research Essay 11 March 2013 Sugar Rush Sugary-drinks have become a more popular beverage in today’s society. People are now starting to choose popular soda drinks like Coca Cola, Sprite, Dr. Pepper, and Pepsi over water. Our bodies are made up of approximately seventy percent water, so the issue is clear. Each carbonated drink contains large amounts of the obvious sugar, caffeine, and multiple kinds of acids. With the increasing trend of soda consumption, health threats are becoming more evident. Sugary-drink consumption can have many negative effects on the way our bodies function and look. The government should regulate sugary-drink consumption because it can increase the likelihood…show more content…
Obesity itself cannot solely be blamed on the high consumption of soda or sugary-drinks, but there is a strong correlation between the two. Boston Children’s Hospital preformed a study with 224 overweight, or obese, high school students. Half of the recipients received free home deliveries of zero-calorie drinks along with water; others received a fifty dollar gift card. According to this study, “after one year, the gift card recipients had gained more weight than those who got the calorie-free drinks” (“Getting Fat on Sugary-Drinks” 8). The evidence provided in this study concludes that soda can be a leading factor in obesity rates, and that water or lower-calorie drinks can help prevent obesity. In another study performed by Dutch researchers, equal amounts of students were assigned to drink either one cup of Coca Cola or a drink sweetened with Splenda each day. The results concluded that “after 1 ½ years, weight, waist size, and body fat increased more in the youngsters who got the sugary-drinks” (“Getting Fat on Sugary Drinks” 8). Just one cup a day had drastic effects on the children’s bodies. People today are consuming up to three times the recommended

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