The Impact of Internet on Education

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The Internet has been changing our way of living since it connected two individual computers. Nowadays we can order a commodity through e-business just by means of clicking a tiny mouse slightly. Meanwhile, the more convenient and much faster mail—Email helps us be informed by the latest happenings in the first time. Most importantly, I believe its impact on education will lead to a new era of study. The Internet allows students to absorb knowledge in various conditions. The conventional class calls upon the students gather at a particular time and a fixed place. The class will be tutored or guided by teachers. However, it is not as easy as before to gather students, because they have their own time arrangements such as part-time job. The e-learning courses via the Internet make possible for students to attend the ”virtual class” at any time and any place provided that he/she can access to the Internet. Apparently, it can overcome the obstacle caused by distances and time conflicts. MIT OCW (Open Course Ware) is a good example. You can try to enjoy this world-class course online at your convenient time. The world resources can be shared together much easier. Searching information online provides the possibility of sharing the materials needed in study all over the world. As we know, the books stored in libraries can be easily out of date concerning the rapid developed technology, while the online libraries can offer the most updated ones. For instance, when we are preparing a report lack of materials, do not hesitate to search the abundant information online. We may possibly get more than we can chew in this way. And a leading research in many fields needs the cooperation of different teams with diversity. Shared viewpoints will benefit the progress of that teamwork. It can also give us a broaden vision in studying .The ultimate

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