How the Internet Has Changed the Exploitation of Children

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How the Internet has changed the exploitation of children The introduction of the internet and the World Wide Web brought a technology never before seen to the everyday person. It has changed the way people live their everyday lives. Information is now at the click of a button from one’s home or work computer. Anything and everything can be done on the internet. People can do online shopping, find a date, find recipes, do their job from home, and anything else one can think of. For the most part, anyone can gain access to the internet. This means children, adults, and anyone in between. The internet can be used to meet new people, share common interests, and even meet your soul-mate. With all the endless possibilities associated with the internet, there is also a negative side to it. The internet opened the door to new ways to exploit children. It gave child predators (pedophiles and molesters) the opportunity to prey on the innocent from their home computer, share their collection with others, and conduct their business anonymously. The internet also made it extremely difficult to stop the spread of child pornography. This paper will show how the internet allowed predators to prey on children and how child pornography changed. In addition it will show how the internet affected the lives of the victims, and how the law enforcement had to change to adapt to the internet. Before the internet, law enforcement had a pretty good handle on cracking down on child predators. Child predators were isolated and usually hunted by law enforcement. They had to stick to traditional means of obtaining and distributing their collection. They had to rely on the traditional mail system or they had to go out in public to find an innocent child to prey on. Child predators would be on the streets at playgrounds, libraries, bus stops, and anywhere else kids may be

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