The Hurt Locker

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Joseph Moran English Composition 2 Professor Bleecker Essay Choice #1 (PG. 1952) 4/22/2015 “The Hurt Locker” By: Brian Turner Beginning with the title, “The Hurt Locker”, is a title that shapes the meaning of this heartbreaking poem. Brian Turner does not explain what the hurt locker is or what it means, nonetheless it is the key element that shapes the meaning of this poem. I believe that a hurt locker is a period of immense, unavoidable, or emotional pain, something that will happen during war. Turner does an exceptional job capturing the painful and terrible moments of the war in Iraq. I can imagine a retired veteran reading this poem and instantly relating to it, which is why this poem is so powerful. The first half of the poem uses explicit language that says “Nothing but bullets and pain/ and the bled-out slumping/ and all the fucks and goddamns/ and Jesus Christ’s of the wounded/”(2-4). This powerful, yet vulgar language is what sets the tone for this poem and also delivers the message to the reader that going overseas was no easy experience. This helped in adding more of a reality and complexity to the poem. The second half of the poem went more in depth with what truly goes down overseas. Turner talks in first person about situations when “a twelve-year-old/ rolls a grenade into the room/”(8-9) and “when four men/ step from a taxi cap in Mosul/ to shower the street in brass/ and fire/”(12-14). These horrific events are just some of the horrors that Americans have faced over in Iraq. Turner wrote this poem in such a way that it made me believe I was right there alongside him, which is why I had such adoration towards this poem. I believe this poem successfully captures the terrors lived by the soldiers who have fought in the war. Turner ends the poem with “Open the hurt locker and learn/ how rough men come hunting for souls/” (17-18). This
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