How Does Barker Present the Horrors of War Through the Characters in the Opening Chapters of “Regeneration”

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Pat Barker presents the horrors of war through the characters in the opening chapters of “Regeneration” , in a very detailed manor, this has then meant that we have a larger understanding of what the men went through , during the war. As many of the men witnessed things during there time in the war ,which then meant that they then had , different side effects. The first way that Pat Barker shows the horrors of war, is in the first page using Siegfried Sassoon’s “A soldiers Declaration”. Having the declaration at the start if the book shows what the rest of the book is going to be about. Which sets the book of to a strong start, as the declaration was passionately written during the war. Siegfried Sassoon used repetition through his declaration , making sure that he feels strongly against war. During the declaration Sassoon explains the horrors if war in many different ways. He repeats the word “suffering” throughout the declaration to put emphasis on what the war is really like for the soldiers that are fighting for our country. He also talks strongly about how the sufferings are being “prolonged” as he tired of witnessing men “being sacrificed” to this awful war. Further more into chapter one, we are properly introduced to Siegfried Sassoon, when he is on the train the Craig Lockhart waiting for Graves. When he sees Graves on the train inside the door way, Pat Barker tells us that Sassoon “thought he was hallucinating again”. Hallucinating was one of the terrible side effects that happened to many soldiers during the war. This allows the reader to start to understanding what the horrors of war could be. As many of the men and soldiers during the war witnessed some horrific events. Going onto the second chapter Siegfried Sassoon has his first conversations with Rivers from Craig Lockhart. Rivers has to assess Sassoon’s behavior towards people, get an

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