Module B Close Study- Discussion Format on Wilfred Owen Dulce Et Decorum Est. & Futility 19/20

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Module B: Close study or a Text Stanley Theadoro: Hello! I’m Stanley Theadoro and welcome to tonight’s special of the “Past Wars”, featuring a courageous man whose poems have helped inspire and change the perception of individuals and groups on the controversial idea of, war. This is a man who once was all about holding patriotic ideals when the outbreak of the German and French war arose, a man who encouraged the people of England to fight. I’m sure we are aware of the current situations with minor wars arising such as the Israeli and Palestinian war and the terrorism arising around the world with current terroristic events such as ISIS. With these events occurring, I believe the happening of another World War could occur. It would only be fitting in this situation if we introduce to you all, a man whose poems portrayed war in a completely different perspective and how his own personal experience of the war has impacted us. With his many famous poems including Dulce Et Decorum Est. and Futility. Won’t you please now welcome … Wilfred Owen! (Crowd Applauses) Stanley Theadoro: Welcome Mr Owen, it is a pleasure to have you here with us… Wilfred Owen: Well it is my pleasure to be here. Stanley Theadoro: (chuckles) it is my absolute pleasure. Now … your poems! Firstly, Dulce Et Decorum Est. Such a painfully expressed poem, showing much visual imagery. Tell us more about your poem. Wilfred Owen: Dulce Et Decorum Est. is an ironic piece of my writing that emphasised the dehumanisation, loss of individuality and horrendous circumstances my friends and myself had experienced. It isn’t what is seems … Dulce Et Decorum Est … No. I refer to that propagandist ideal as an ‘old lie’ because it isn’t what it seems, it isn’t true! Yes of course, before I entered the war I was all about ‘fighting for the war’ … Stanley Theadoro: You were for the war? Wilfred Owen: Well,

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