Dulce Et Decorum Est

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Dulce Et Decorum Est Wifred Owen’s war poem “Dulce Et Decorum Est” is poem in which there is incident vividly in a scene. Wilfred Owen expreses how it is so sweet and honourable to die for your country but also disagrees with this. Owen uses great word choice and through this technique this cause emotional and also dramatic stanza’s which include death. ‘Dulce Et Decorum Est’ tells us of the horrors and traumatizing effects of World War I. Wilfred Owen achieves this by using descriptive language to tell us of the terrible state of the weary soldiers and trench life. He then goes on to describe the horrific and deadly gas attack that takes the soldiers by surprise. Owen then uses strong and direct language to tell us of his disturbing dream of the man dying right in front of him whic was caused by the gas attack. In the opening stanza, Owen quickly grabs the readers attention by trying to add up to that thee war is gruesome but also it can’t be won. “Bent Double like old geggers” evokes that the soldiers are losing so much, they are willing to beg for help but also for mercy. Owen comments on how the soldiers are living in trench life. He explains how the soldiers are “coughing like hags”. Hags are old women have a really bad cough because they chain smoke so this links in with the soldiers because they are breathing in the smoke which has been dilluted into the air which is causing breathing difficulties. The quotations involved makes it very clear that the war has demolished the soldiers lifes, and that they are so weak and unfit which Owen has compared them to ‘old beggars’. The irony results in effecting the readers perspective on the poem as it makes it memerable and helps the whole point of the poem. Wilfred Owen effectively shows his experience of war through using various techniques. One of the compelling techniques used is imagery. The

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