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Poetry Analysis Essay The two poems “Rite of passage” by Sharon Olds and “Dulce et Decorum est” by Wilfred Owen has several similarities. The most noticeable similarities to me are that they both have a war theme. In “Rite of passage” the writer talks about her son that is in the first grade and his friends have come over for his birthday party. The purpose of this poem I feel is to show how children act grown up and mimic their parent’s actions when around their peers. In the poem “Dulce et Decorum est” the poet writes about soldiers in the battle field and all the grueling things about war. I feel the meaning of this poem is to give an idea and insight to the reader of how war is very gruesome and just down right awful with no sugar coating. In both of these poems the writers use irony and similes to help get the reader to understand the point they are making. The first comparison about the two poems is the use of irony. In “Rite of passage” the line “short men, men in first grade” the writer is calling the young boys men. The writer goes on to say “a room full of small bankers” giving the kids grown up characteristics. The kids seem to act like adults when in a room full of their peers. This is an example of irony by using words for the children as if they were adults. In the poem “Dulce et Decorum est” the title translates to “It is a wonderful and great honor to fight and die for your country”. The Title in itself is very ironic and it is one main point the writer is making. He says “you could hear , at every jolt, the blood/come gargling from the froth-corrupted lungs” this shows the irony in the title because dyeing this way is not wonderful, as the poems title makes out to be. Another comparison of these two poems is the writer’s use of similes. A simile is a comparison often using the words like or as. In “Rite of passage” the speaker says “the
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