The Holes Chapter Summary from Ch.3

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Summary 3 Stanley Yelnats was taken to Camp Green Lake by a guard. In the bus, he was handcuffed and watched. It was a long bus ride. Stanley was always optimistic. He had never been to camp but he comforted himself that this time he was going to a camp and would make some friends. He did not have friends at home. It was because he was overweight. He was always teased by his schoolmates about his size. Stanley did not commit a crime and he was innocent. He believed that he was unlucky to be arrested all because of his great- great grandfather. In fact, Stanley’s family believed that things went wrong in their family because a one-legged Gypsy had put a curse on Stanley’s great- great grandfather and all his descendants. They always seemed to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Although they always had bad luck, the family was still optimistic and hopeful. Summary 4 It took more than eight hours to reach Camp Green Lake. The place was hot, barren and desolate. The bus guard brought Stanley to a building and introduced him to Mr. Sir. Mr. Sir gave two sets of clothes and a towel to Stanley and then told him the rules and regulations. Stanley had to dig a hole with a measuring stick every day. He had to get up and work very early in the morning. Although the life in the Camp was hard, no one tried to run away. It was because the place was dry and had little water. 6. Campers could not escape far. Campers who tried to escape would definitely die because of no drinking water. Summary 5 There were six large grey tents in the Lake. Each one is marked with A, B, C, D or E. All counsellors slept in F. Stanley was assigned to D tent and his counsellor was Mr. Pendanski . Mr. Pendanski introduced Stanley to other boys in the tents. The boys were dirty and tired. Mr. Pendanski was a kind man. He asked the boys to help Stanley and wanted them to be cooperative

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