Tom Phillips Monologue

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Mornings like this were always his least favorite. Standing by the stop sign at the end of Westbury Lane, waiting for the school bus. So cold he could see his breath, and feel his bones rattle with shivers. His big brothers hand-me-down jacket had too many holes in it to be a sufficient heat source, and his thing cloth gloves didn't have half the finger tips. The only thing saving him on this frigid winter morning was the hunters orange beanie he stole from the lost and found the week before. He turned and looked up the street, and thats when his stomach got hot and did a couple back flips. There she was, walking down the road to the bus stop, holding her momma's hand- both with matching mittens. She looked like an angel with her glowing…show more content…
Just then it started to rain, and he watched all the water droplets trickle down the window. That bus drive was the longest 45 minutes of his life. It felt like years. And his mind was racing so much that he had more thoughts than most people have in a lifetime. So many questions that his mind couldn't even fathom. Every emotion rushing at the same time. Anger, misery, sadness, confusion, fear, and even happiness would sneak its way in at times. He wanted to kill Tom Phillips, but how could he? Catherine Carter clearly wanted and liked Tom Phillips, and killing him would fill her with woe. He Liked her so much that her happiness was priority one no matter what. Confusion swirled about his racing mind, Catherine Carter said she liked him, and even kissed his cheek. But she kissed Tom Phillips more, a lot more, on the lips. He wondered what that would feel like. It was as if his blood had been replaced with sadness, pumping throughout his veins with each beat of his tattered heart. This brought more confusion, how could he even be alive if he didn't had blood, and how could his heart still be beating when it was broken down into tiny pieces like the Berlin Wall. He was scared she would never look at him or talk to him again. No more Pledge of Allegiance smile and waves, the only thing that would get him through the day. The misery of it all made him feel sick to his stomach,…show more content…
Maybe it was something about the bus, but Hurricane Katrina of thoughts came back into his mind, ravaging his mind and his heart. He couldn't understand any of it. The notion that she liked him, but kissed Tom Phillips was impossible to wrap his mind around, it made him sick, it made his chest feel like one of those stupid elephants was sitting on it. He couldn't understand why it hurt him so much. Sure they only spent a short amount of time together, so it wouldn't bother most people. Getting attached and caring about someone so much just after such a short amount of time didn't add up in the normal arithmetic of human relationships. But that short amount of time DID mean so much, it was worth an entire life time of joy. All jam packed into a few animal exhibits, words, a cheek kiss, and hand holding. Maybe love was the answer to this seemingly impossible equation of events and feelings. He had no idea what love was, but he imagined it must feel like holding her hand. Sheer, raw, pure, and true joy. Does that mixed with a girl cause the reaction of love. "Great," he thought "relationship chemistry AND

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