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Billy Bishop: A Real Canadian Hero? The Hero, Legend, Great Fighter and the most famous “Canadian Hero”, William Avery Bishop, was person who had great respect for his country and great talent. The history behind Bishop’s success in World War I is very unique, as there are many events that will make you feel more interested in knowing more about the success of this brilliant hero. He was born on February 8, 1894, in Owen Sound, Ontario. Just before World War I started Bishop joined the Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario in 1911. Bishop was not very successful in his first year, because he had poor grades, and also he never took interest in sports or the important things of college that will make him improve in his first year. When Bishop moved on to his second year he was very thriving because he paid attention to all his goals that he wanted to achieve, and sports, however at the end he passed with great marks. Although he finished his second year with terrific grades he still got caught cheating in his final year. Even though he was caught cheating, he still got enlisted in the Mississauga Horse of Toronto, because World War I. When he had to get trained he got pneumonia and was hospitalized for about two months. Just after recovering from pneumonia, Bishop was assigned to the 14th Battalion, Canadian Mounted Rifles. In 1916, when he yet did not join the Royal flying Corps, he was just a normal soldier. Bishop disliked the atmosphere of the ground war, because he found it hard to walk, and fight from the trenches, so Bishop decided to quit and join the Royal Flying Corps. Bishop flew a Nieuport 17. Bishop destroyed many aircrafts, over 25 aircrafts in 3 months, and he took part in over 170 air battles all together. Once in a battle Bishop shot down 5 enemy aircrafts in 5 minutes on his own, for this bravery Bishop was rewarded the Military Cross,

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