The History of American Fashion

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The History of American Fashion (1960-2012) How do you express yourself daily, is it through your clothing? Why of course! Millions of people in America wear different clothing textures, fabrics, and sizes; we all have a different and unique style. Most people do not realize it, but we wear our personality in our clothing. Our fashion has not always been the same through the last fifty years. It has shortened, brightened, sparkled, tightened, loosened, animal printed, and so much more. Now, how has it changed every decade, who has inspired these changes, and was the fashion of that particular decade a fad or has it come back to the present? “The 1960s' fashion is used till today as this decade was marked as the time when there were major social changes and was dominated by the youth. These were the years after the World War II, when the baby boomers were the youth and demanded to have their own fashion styles and set their trends their way (Jadhav).” “The 60’s turned every preconceived idea on its head. As fashion zoomed into overdrive, everything whirred in reverse. The teenager, previously persona non grata, had opinions and pulling power. Make-up turned from haughty to baby looks. Models played gauche, boutiques and unisex made an entrance (Watson 14).” During this decade, the men’s fashion consisted of buffalo plaid shirts, tight- fitted shirts that would be worn with narrow labels and drain pipe pants, and the hipster pants came into style. Another bold trend was the different variety of collars. “Some very famous collar styles were the turtle necks, which were mainly designed on sweaters and vests (Jadhav).” “The Nehru collar also gained popularity which was inspired by the Indian look for politicians and was a favorite with "The Beatles" and other 60's celebrities (Jadhav).” The women’s fashion trend of the decade went through several different changes.

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