Australia In The 1950s Essay

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AUSTRALIA IN THE 1950’s 1950’s in Context After decades of suffering through the Great Depression and World War 2, the 1950s were prosperous years for Australians. Employment was high and people were encouraged to spend their money more freely. Technology advanced rapidly after the war, transforming the lives of many Australians. Televisions provided a link to the rest of the world and cars gave people a new mobility that would change the nation’s patterns of leisure and living. In 1956, Melbourne hosted the Olympic Games for the first time in the Southern hemisphere. This fostered a great sense of national pride and casted international spotlight onto Australia like never before. Advances in technology also allowed the Melbourne Olympics…show more content…
Artists like Bill Haley who produced Rock Around the Clock and Elvis Presley were popular. Elvis tapped into the young teen market and thrilled audiences with this original styles, hip gyrating, and ‘bad boy’ image. Fashion in the 1950s Young Women’s wear – influenced by the rock ‘n’ roll craze. Full skirts in bright colours became popular. Skirts and pants were pinched in at the waist to emphasise the waist and bust. Tight fitting blouses tucked into slim line calf length trousers called ‘Capri’ pants were also popular among young women. Short ankle socks, scarves and cropped cardigans were also fashionable. Ladies wear – was influenced by movie star fashion. Marilyn Monroe and Grace Kelly influenced tiny waistlines and full skirts and busts. Slim pencil line skirts and stiletto heeled shoes were also popular. Young men’s wear – the influx of American cinema and television brought many new fashion ideas and many young men were influenced by the fashion of their favourite movie star. Jeans, leather boots and a white T-shirt became a symbol of teenage rebellion. Towards the end of the decade, many teenage boys also adopted the more tailored British look. Elvis Presley also influenced the fashion of slick back hair, bright colours, flashy suits, and loose, unbuttoned shirts with upturned

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