Fashion in 1960

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Deja Demmitt Period 6 April 5, 2013 Fashion in the 1960’s Mrs. Barger 8th grade Language arts | Fashion in The 1960s As time goes on fashion continues to change. Over the past few years fashion has gone from elegant to bold. Furthermore, in previous years children’s fashion was influenced by adult fashion but, in 1960 children began to, influence adult fashion. The 60s introduced many bright colors and bold prints. Thus was a big change from decades before, which presented a classier look. Many people began to take risk. Women began to show more skin. Men began to wear more colors, and children became the trendsetters. 1960s fashion influenced many people lives. Assuredly, women’s fashion has changed from the previous decade. Many of the women’s fashion were influenced by their social, lives. Also during the early 60s many women followed trends worn by Jackie Kennedy. This was the first time a first lady had been a stylish trendsetter. Women everywhere wanted to copy her style. Other groups and people also helped to define women’s fashion. A subgroup known as the hippies also inspired women’s fashion. By mid-decade miniskirts had become very popular. They were often worn with go boots that revealed the legs. Women also wore clothing that showed off their curves. Hair was worn very short or long and lanky. Women’s style varied tremendously, in the 1960’s. Certainly, men’s fashion in the 1960’s was a style of progress in the early 1960’s it was a style that was elegant and polished. In previous years fashion for men was simpler. Many things occurred in the 60’s, from Kennedy’s assassination to the British invasion but it also brought a big change, to men’s fashion. The 60’s was the most popular era for men fashion. As time went on fashion gained more energy and became bolder. Many factors effected men’s fashion. Many Italian designers influenced

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